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Review – Maybelline City Kits Palette – PINK EDGE

The first of its kind

With the Maybelline City Kits palette PINK EDGE Maybelline presents a new kind of palette. Eyeshadows are combined with a blush and a highlighter in a palette. The LE by Gigi Hadid has presented the concept, Maybelline has now taken 2 combi palettes (eyelids and cheek colors) firmly in the range. I introduce you to the version PINK EDGE.

In this post I use a PRSample – but  you read my honest opinion, sample or not.
Nevertheless, I mark this post as advertising – just because I have to legally! #ehrlicheMeinungistUnbezahlbar

Absolute all-rounder, the Maybelline City kits range

The Pink Edge range really offers the complete program. Included are 8 eyeshadows, a blush and a highlighter. On the back there is a guide for two different looks: Once for a nice nude look in rosé tones and once a nude look in earth tones. The products for the cheeks are color matched to both versions of the looks. Of course, it is up to each one to freely combine the individual colors and to create a truly individual look.

The packaging of the Maybelline City Kits range

The pallet comes in a lightweight, but good-closing plastic packaging therefore. The individual colors are not in an aluminum container, but introduced directly into the palette. Depot should be impossible here. The missing aluminum jugs make the range a lightweight. I always find it a pity if there is no mirror on such pallets. On the other hand, I find it very positive that in the Maybelline City Kits range, the most unnecessary sponge applicator was dispensed with.

The colors in the Maybelline City Kits Palette PINK EDGE

The Maybelline City Kits range offers a beautiful selection of shimmering and matte tones. The pigmentation is amazingly good – even with the matte eyeshadow! The colors are very well coordinated with each other and offer a wide bandwidth ranging from the light to the darker tones.

Mostly I find too many almost identical colors with too little gradation on such pallets, but here the mix is ​​very balanced! In addition, there is a very beautiful Blendet sound in the palette.

Even if the product dusted quite neatly when being picked up in the Maybelline City Kits palette, the eye shadow can be smoothly and softly applied to the eye without any problems and then blended super pleasantly.

The blush of the Maybelline City Kits palette is a bit difficult to pick up with a brush as the blush product strip is relatively narrow. He is also extremely well pigmented for that.

When highlighter can be guessed at first rough coarse particles, these fall when applied to the cheekbones but then no longer big in weight The highlighter is a nice all-round tone that should suit any skin color.


Conclusion to the Maybelline City Kits range

I am very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the eyeshadow! At first I was rather skeptical about Blush and Highlighter, but I can really recommend this palette to you. Due to the beginner-friendly color selection and the beautiful pigmentation, the Maybelline City Kits range PINK EDGE is a palette that can be put into the hands of both a make-up beginner and women who sometimes dig deeper into the paint pot and exercise with darker colors. I think this palette is also a nice travel companion, as both soft looks can be put on for daytime as well as a stronger expression stronger eye makeup for the evening.

I’m curious, have you ever seen the new Maybelline City Kits pallets? Can you tell a difference to the other eyeshadow palettes or monos? I’m looking forward to your experiences in the comments!

Many greetings





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